Are you looking to host a transformative seminar?

As founder of Holistic Endurance and Author of Healing The Grumpy Athlete, Coach Katee has presented on a number of wellness and performance related topics.

With a true ability to just be ‘real’, Katee breaks through the science and hormone nerdy material to deliver meaningful content to transpire action and inspiration.

Suitable for;

  • Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling or Running Clubs
  • Corporate groups
  • Team building and development
  • Wellness groups
  • Schools
  • Training Camps

(Yes, we are happy to present without promoting our coaching services)


  • Hitting The Wall – In training, life and racing.
    • Great for athletes to learn how to manage fatigue and over-training.
  • Could it be as simple as stress less?
    • A perfect topic to encompass the keys to unlocking optimal wellness.
  • Get to know your hormones (Female specific)
    • Suitable for coaches and athletes alike, we dive pretty deep into hormones and how they impact endurance training
  • How to make up with your hormones (Female specific)
    • A great seminar for broad audiences, not specifically athletes, getting into how to address signs of hormone imbalance
  • Training, immunity & longevity in sport
    • Focusing on introductory content regarding training balance, immune health and staying in one piece long term.
  • Does this training make me look fat?
    • A mix of hormone nerdy content mixed with nutritional content and training guidelines for optimal weight management.

If the above topics don’t fit your audience, Coach Katee is happy to design specific content for your group. Drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for.

How it works;

  • Let us know if you have a specific topic in mind & details of your audience (interest, gender, ages and numbers)
  • Each presentation is between 60-90min, with allowance for questions and answers
  • Costs vary depending on numbers, location and topic – Get in touch and we can provide a personalised proposal.

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“Katee presented to our volunteers on how your hormones affect your everyday life and performance. The group had a range of ages and physical activity levels. Katee was able to ensure everyone got something out of it. She made it easy to put the lessons into everyday life. I look forward to hearing her present again soon!”

Sam WoodlandLord Somers Camp

Katee Pedicini’s presentation of ‘Stress, Immunity & Longevity’ kept our Triathlon Victoria Development Program athletes interested and held their concentration even after a full two days of training while at camp.  This is not always easy to do.

Her style of presentation was both engaging and entertaining.  It was age appropriate (13 – 20 year olds) as well of great interest to the coaches.

It was obvious that Katee has great knowledge and a passion for her work and has a wonderful presentation style.  This style flows through to her coaching support as well.

Sue SharplesTriathlon Victoria, TDVP team

“Katee opened our eyes to a whole new side of triathlon that challenged us physically and mentally. Her passion and drive inspired us all to obtain a healthy balance not only in our training regimes but also in our daily lives”

Jen ReidTri Specify, Mornington Triathlon Club