Definition: Personalised
“To design or produce (something) to meet someone’s individual requirements.” “Also known as customised or individualised – something made to order for a particular individual’s needs.”
Now if you put that into the context of personalised training programs, then there should be no ambiguity around what a personalised program should be – a program written and designed for someones individual requirements and made to meet their individuals needs.

But in our industry we find the term ‘personalised program’ is thrown around all the time, and we are finding that many athletes are being mislead into believing they are receiving a personalised program without even understanding what a personalised program should look like or involve.

So we are here to lead the way in helping to define what a personalised program is, so you can come armed with suitable questions when you next choose a coach. [Because we appreciate that we aren’t the coaches for EVERY athlete but we still want athletes to get the right level of service they need and expect.]

A personalised program is…
  • Tailored to your fitness level and will therefor include heart rate, duration and pace parameters suitable to your goals and current fitness level
  • Individualised based on your weekly commitments of work and family.
    • Eg: If you work 58 hours one week, and 38 the next, your training will adapt accordingly.
  • Inclusive of detailed warm up, main set and cool down parameters
  • Considers your strengths and weaknesses – therefore varying the type and frequency of these sessions.
    • Eg: You won’t find 2-3 x Swim, Bike, Run per week, all year round.
  • Includes constant communication and feedback between coach and athlete
    • This will vary depending on the coach as to what means they deem appropriate but we would expect daily training notes, weekly email or phone chats and monthly meetings.
  • More than swim, bike and run training sessions. It includes discussions about how you feel, your mental state, your recovery techniques and current nutrition / sleep habits.
  • Adaptable when things change, such as illness, injury, family or work commitments.
What’s NOT a personalised program?
  • A program identical to those athletes you train with
  • A modified template program
  • A program that simply tells you to complete/attend squad sessions
  • A program that doesn’t change if you get sick, (you simply just take a day or two off)
  • A program that doesn’t take into consideration your weekly life commitments
  • A program that doesn’t allow regular communication/feedback with the Coach
  • A program that doesn’t take into consideration how you feel, how you recover or how well you adapt
  • A program that doesn’t take into consideration your training age/history, injury history and health/mental history.
So when you are looking for a Coach, looking for a change in Coach OR whether you have a Coach who says they are providing you with a personalised program, check whether you are getting the key requirements from a personalised program and make sure you ask questions that will help you understand whether it really is a personalised program, or whether you are simply getting the same program that a number of other athletes are receiving also..…
Find out about our personalised programs here.
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