While on holidays recently I stayed with my in-laws….. some may cringe at this, but in my case it’s definitely a win! My mother in law is very active and fit, a PT and Pilates instructor and veteran triathlete with multiple Ironmans under her belt.

Not long after arriving I came across her stash of recovery tools, many of which I hadn’t even seen before. I know most of you would be familiar with the regular foam roller, stretch bands etc so I thought I’d share with you a little about each of these contraptions that I had come across!


1. Theracane
An unbelievably versatile tool that allows you to apply pressure to tight spots and trigger points in those hard to reach places like your shoulders, neck, mid-back, hips and can even get right into your calves. I used this around my right shoulder which tends to get hot spots and tightness, after a bit of poking around and applying pressure to some very ‘ouch’ spots I felt instant relief and increased range of movement.


2. Accupressure Roller
I call this the ‘red peanut’… This small roller is quite firm and designed for upper and lower body trigger points and is ideal for rolling out the para-spinal muscles; those little muscles that run along your spine that can affect mobility when tense or tight and cause headaches and irritability.



3. Acuball
This ball is heatable or not… your choice. The heat element can provide extra help in releasing tight and tender spots. Using the ball with your own body weight for just a few minutes and loosen and provide better mobility. The Acuball can be used on practically any part of your body that requires attention.


4. Muscle Trigger Point Triangle
For a small piece of equipment this intense little device sure packs a punch when you find ‘that’ spot. The design and shape of this trigger point triangle allows it to get into the deep muscles that you can’t get to using a roller. You know, those ones your massage therapist is great at finding?! Again, this tool can be used on any part of the body. I found it useful for loosen up in around my glutes and hips. Deep and controlled breathing is a must with the trigger point triangle.



5. Mini Foam Roller
The majority of people would be familiar with the good old foam roller. The mini version is the perfect size for travelling and you don’t need a lot of room to use it. I love using my roller for my quads as well as releasing my thoracic spine.


6. Massage Handle Roller
The handle on this small roller makes it easy to apply pressure to areas that need it. I found it particularly useful from the inner thighs (adductors), quads, ITB, calves and also forearms, which we tend to forget about.
Now of course you don’t need all of these devices – this is merely an overview of a few different devices on the market that you may not have seen.



Recovery and body maintenance is vital. Using one or more of the above devices can be an efficient way to loosen tight muscles and areas of tension as well as extend time between visits to your massage therapist.

For our athletes at Holistic Endurance, each program includes a mobility and activation program to ensure longevity and prevention of the dreaded niggles. Chat to us by filling in a Contact Form  or to find out more information about our programs HERE.

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