I pride myself on practicing what I preach..

However I am going to admit, that over the past few months this hasn’t been the case…

I’ve basically fallen off the wagon and cracks are starting to show!  Fortunately for me, I’ve come to realise this now and I can now put measures into place before those little cracks become grand canyons!

Ok so here are the home truths –

  1. I never really gave myself a chance to recover fully from my first Ironman (back in June)
  2. I have tried to keep my Ironman fitness AND spent a lot of time in the grey zone trying to do so
  3. I have continued to eat like an Ironman… yet not training like one…
  4. My wellness and mindful activities are nowhere to be found.
  5. All in all, I have placed a huge amount of stress on my body and mind without really saying thank you :-/


Tell-tale signs and the Cracks:

As I mentioned above, cracks have started to show, many of which I have basically ignored or due to not ‘listening’ to my body have slipped by as being ‘normal’…

  • Poor sleep
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Not finding enjoyment in my training sessions
  • Not recovering from sessions as well as I previously had
  • Weight gain, poor skin, dizzy spells and the biggest alarm bell – changes in my menstrual cycle

Sound familiar to anyone….?

Where to from here:

It’s not all doom and gloom – it’s just a matter of getting real at making some ‘easy enough’ changes –

  • Reassess training goals – still working on this but kicked my butt into gear and programmed more structure and purpose to my workouts leading into Busselton 70.3. I also looked at the actual time I had available time to train and prescribed workouts based on this, instead of trying to make more hours in the day 🙂
  • Highlight life stressors – ultimately this came from the lack of structure, trying to fit so much in. Once I made peace with what I had time for and what I ‘made’ time for – the stress has slipped away!
  • Re-organise my work, training and life etc. – dust off the Google Calendar and set routine and structure
  • Get back to meal prep and mindful activities – boiled eggs, chai pudding, energy balls and…. yoga is back! 1-2 times a week
  • I also recently done a MET – for which I can now be more specific in my training and work on areas related to that.


So ….. what is the purpose of this ? 

  1. Sharing is caring – you are not alone, I can guarantee that there are many others out there feeling just like you do – lets be open and honest – not hide behind filters and pretending we have it all together all of the time!
  2. A number of athletes are soon doing their first 70.3/Ironman and I wanted to highlight the potential trap you may find yourself in, knowledge is power and you don’t know what you don’t know right?
  3. To let you know that we are all human… including your coaches 😉
  4. Again – sharing is caring!! #wecare

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