For the past few months our Trailer Runner turn (temporary) Triathlete, Lee McNulty has been consistently swim, ride and running towards his first triathlon and half ironman event this weekend at Tweed Enduro. Here Coach Jackie finds out how Lee feels having arrived at Race Week.

If you missed our first interview with Lee, you can read it here


Lee, its finally Race Week, how are you feeling?

I am feeling really good this week a little tight due to lack of mobility I have been doing, don’t tell the coach. Starting to get a little nervous mainly about the swim. Oh and the fact I am in the last wave of for the day “Don’t want to be last out of the water”.


How has the training been since we last spoke to you?

The training has been really enjoyable over the Christmas break. I was camping at the northern rivers of N.S.W, so all my swimming was in the Brunswick River which was a nice change to looking at the black line all the time. It has not all been smooth sailing, I also moved from Townsville to Brisbane during the break which made it hard to train. I found myself running out of time to train. But I have purchased a Wind Trainer which helped a lot even on wet days.



Any highs or lows that you’ve experienced in the past few months in terms of training?

A high lately has been riding, I came into this not really liking the idea of riding a bike on the road it sounded so boring to me coming from a trail running background. But lately I have found some really good roads through some very nice country side. I guess a low would be swimming for me.


In your last interview you said swimming was your greatest challenge, has this changed or how is your swimming coming along?

Swimming is my weakest and most disliked aspect of triathlon. I have come a long way since I start swimming 5 months ago but the last 2 months I have not been improving much which is to be expected having only started swimming 5 months ago, but it has still been annoying me a little.


What are you most looking forward to about race day?

I am big on the once race day come’s you have done all the work and it’s just time to enjoy all the hard work. I will be most happy at the end of the swim


Have you enjoyed the journey to your first Half Ironman? And have you found your spark for training again?

I have really enjoy the journey, this is the first time I have had a coach to program my training, it has been so nice to just wake up open up Training Peaks and get it done. The change to Triathlon has been a breath of fresh air to my training just to mix it up from my ultra-running programs. In May 2018 I am racing in the Rinjani 100 Ultra trail race and I am very hungry to start training.


How does training for a half ironman compare to a 100km trail run?

Training for an Ultra is quite easy you just need a pair of shoes a pack and some running clothes and off you go. Where I have found the half Ironman to be quite tricky to have everything you need to get the training done. What I mean by this is for swimming it is helpful if you have Fins, Paddles, Pool Boy, Kick board and an easy accessible pool. For riding a TT bike set up for Half Ironman, riding shoes, helmet and a Wind Trainer. But in saying all that I have found it easier not to get bored with the training, as you are always switching up what discipline you are training that day. It has been also nice to have someone to track my fatigue levels, as in the past now that I look back I was over training at times which I did not pick up until the damage was done.


And do you think you’ll keep on with triathlon? Or should I be asking you this post race?

At this point I really like the sport and I am very keen to still knock out a full Ironman in the future no matter how I go on the weekend. After this race I will be back to Trail running for a few months while I work out what full Ironman I want to do that fits in with work and my family.


Thanks Lee, with some solid training under your belt we look forward to hearing about tales of race day from a trailer runner turn triathlete!



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