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    Sleep, Supplements, Nutrition & Being Robust

Sleep, Supplements, Nutrition & Being Robust

Laura Siddall

Episode #03

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I wanted to get Laura on the show for a number of reasons. I met her through Stef Hanson of WITSUP, coincidently it was the day prior to her up rooting her life in Sydney and taking the plunge into a full time career as a professional athlete.

I was certainly ignorant at the time as to what this meant for this random chick sitting across from me at a bar in St Kilda. Since then she has had a very successful career, and a stellar racing resume, her performance and experience continued to grow and all the pieces were coming together, but Laura faced an going challenge of often being the bridesmaid but never the bride.

That was until Port Macquarie Ironman in 2017 where she became the Ironman Australia Womens Champion. It was emotional to watch Laura run down the finishing shoot and celebrate the years the culminated to that moment.

Laura is coached by Matt Dixon, the author of the Well Built Triathlete and Fast Track Triathlete – with a  focus on building the fundamentals of health, strength, and specific training for optimal performance Laura has been able to express her potential as quite a robust athlete and on todays show we get into some of the key aspects that enable her to perform at a high level with minimal injury or immunity issues.

Laura has been very open on show about some her struggles and gets honest with those 1%ers that she focuses on. My hope is you come away with a greater perspective and understanding of who is Laura Siddall but also some key action steps you can take away to be a more robust athelte.

Show note links:

  • Laura’s Website: https://laurasiddall.com
  • Sid Talks segment on Fitter Radio Podcast:
  • Pumpy Jackson Chocolate: http://pumpyjackson.com
  • Lauren Parker Foundation: https://www.laurenparkerfoundation.com.au
  • More Than Sport: https://www.morethansport.org
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