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    Movement Prep & Functional Movement

Movement Prep & Functional Movement

Greg Dea

Episode #04

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This interview with Greg Dea, Sports Physiotherapist will have you challenge your mind when it comes to how you view movement and performance.

Greg can be found travelling Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe with his education courses.

With a true passion for knowledge and impacting an persons athletic journey, Greg’s skill set has seen him work with;

China’s Womens Volleyball team (they wen’t on to win the world cup)

Soldiers, Sailors and Pilots across British Forces and Australian military.

As well as your everyday gym go-er, footballer, soccer player, swimmer, triathlete or runner.

He can now be found on the Mornington Peninsula, where he utilises the teachings of functional movement systems, founded by Gray Cook, known as FMS or SFMA. He integrates this into his practise as a sports physio while also conducting body + bike fits, allowing cyclists and triathlete to look at how their body AND bike can work better TOGETHER.

In todays chat Greg uses his unique mind and love for analogies to explain what can be complex concepts in the world of biomechanics and functional movement.

I certainly look forward to hearing about the impact that his wisdom has on your training and movement preparation, injury rehab and injury PREVENTION space.

This image / concept will help you follow along the podcast content too:

We discuss:

  • Why athletes struggle with the 1%ers such as mobility and pre workout activation
  • Pillars of performance & Robust function
  • Bike & body fit
  • How to work as a team with practitioners
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • The value of min criteria for movement
  • Rolling patterns

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Coach Katee

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