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    New Bikes & Tax Returns

New Bikes & Tax Returns

Lauren Law

Episode #05

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If you’ve ever pondered the idea of buying a new bike with your tax return or perhaps you’ve felt strapped for cash thanks to endurance pursuits, this episode is for you.

Today I interview LAUREN LAW (LAWSIE) co-founder of Money Barre, Lauren is a Financial Advisor and Accountant.

Loving structure and discipline as she does, Lawsie enjoys applying this to her fitness. She has run marathons, endurance trail runs, endurance treks and bike rides stretching hundreds of kilometres.

We discuss the impact that money stress can have on our system – the physiological system and the bank account “system” if you will. We go into great strategies to manage your cash flow and how to prioritise “hobby spending” when it comes to entering Triathlons and large events and how to save for them, inline with your money values.

This is certainly a unique topic for a health and fitness podcast but I feel it encompasses the holistic lifestyle factors brilliantly, because if we are ticking all the boxes in regards to training and recovery BUT we are hampered by money stress/ors, we are only going to get so far in our pursuit to overall wellness and performance. I thoroughly enjoyed “nerding out” on the numbers with Lauren, and I look forward to hearing about the wisdom you take away from this episode.

We discuss:

  • Making money sexy
  • Cash flow tracking tools
  • The bucket approach
  • Personalised financial approaches
  • Reducing restriction
  • The Mojo / fun stuff account
  • App suggestions
  • 30 day financial cleanse
  • Unfuck your finances book

Show note links:

Accounting Services: http://byata.com.au/lauren-law/

The Money Barre: http://www.themoneybarre.com.au/lauren-law/

30 day financial cleanse: http://www.melissabrowne.com.au/product/30-day-financial-detox-online-course-link-buy

UnFuck Your Finances Book: http://www.melissabrowne.com.au/product/unfck-finances/

Xero Accounting software: https://www.xero.com/au

Wave accounting software: http://waveapps.com/

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