Carmen Atkinson

Unveiling Your Athletic Soul

Unveiling Your Athletic Soul

Carmen Atkinson

Episode #06

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If I’m honest, I was not prepared for just how pivotal, exceptional and emotionally moving this conversation would be. I would like to invite you to really soak in this episode, and I have no doubt it will be one you return too multiple times. Carmen Atkinson is a passionate Wellness & Performance focused Health Practitioner. A plant-based Ultra-distance Endurance Athlete. A Multi-sport Coach and Functional Strength Instructor.  An advocate for personal and spiritual growth. An inspirational Speaker and Writer and Chiropractor. She is also a long time deer friend and inspiration.

Carmen shares some deeply moving personal stories, at times comical and at times heart wrenching. But through these stories you will come to learn where her tenacity, determination, strength, wisdom and drive was cultivated from

It is these characteristics that have taken her on athletic pursuits which has seen her achieve the following resume:

  • 5 x Ironman Triathlons  (inc Ironman World Championships Kona 2015)
  • 8 x 70.3 (including multiple age group podiums)
  • 12 x Road & Trail Ultra-marathons (Including 1st Australian Female at The Comrades Ultramarathon, South Africa 2010 & 2012 and multiple podium finishes in domestic events)
  • 10 + Marathons – Personal Best 3:14 (Melbourne Marathon 2012)

As you will learn through this episode, it’s not about being born with athletic talent, we are all athletes and exploring, being curious about our athletic soul can ultimately unveil our hidden potential. And as Carmen put it, “My struggle in the water, on the bike and the pain that comes from hitting the pavement or the trails for hours on end and the discipline required to get up every day tired and fatigued, will never be as tortuous as the battle with anorexia.”

We discuss:

  • What does unveiling the athletic soul mean?
  • The concept and theme of being CURIOUS
  • Open water swimming fears
  • Self belief & possibility: How we are far more capable of anything we ever imagined
  • Why Ultraman?
  • “The crash” – that doesn’t define her or her racing
  • The greatest lesson & wisdom that came from being inside a cupboard during a hurricane
  • Drawing strength from her struggles with eating disorders
  • Drawing on innate skills through adversity
  • The benefits & role of Chiropractic, especially for endurance athletes

Show note links:

Carmen’s Website: www.theinnateathlete.com

Carmen on Instagram: @the_innate_athlete


The Ultraman Aus Family: https://ultramanoz.com.au


The book that shifted Carmen’s life: Rich Roll: Finding Ultra

Coach Katee

Coach Katee

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Katee is a self confessed hormone nerd, endurance coach, wellness advocate and Triathlete - here too educate, inspire and distil wisdom in an effort to shift up endurance norms.
Grab yourself an almond latte, herbal tea or perhaps a red wine to focus your mind and enjoy the show.

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