Nathan Shearer

LCHF Nutrition & Knowing Your Numbers

LCHF Nutrition & Knowing Your Performance Metrics

Nathan Shearer

Episode #07

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In my first conversation with Nathan, the lasting impression he made was “man that guy knows his numbers”.

He knew his metrics back to front, any question I asked about previous performance and mishaps, he could answer and identify what contributed to “X” result. This meant that our wellness consultations were more succinct, impactful and lasting while we worked together to formulate a nutrition, wellness and race nutrition & hydration plan.

As a fellow data nerd, I thoroughly enjoyed todays conversation. We set out with the purpose to help share Nathan’s story and how data and metrics have paved his journey from age group to professional Triathlete. Very successfully I might add.

Athletic Highlights;

  • Age Group Ironman World Champion (25-29) 2016
  • Ironman PB of 8:18 (Ironman New Zealand 2018)
  • Multiple age group wins and podiums
  • 2015 National Long Course Champion (25-29)
  • 5th Ironman World Champs 2015 (25-29)
  • 1st Amateur, 14th Overall and amateur course record, New Zealand 2016
  • 2nd amateur and 38th overall, Ironman World Championships 2016
  • 5th place pro Ironman Western Australia 2017
  • 6th place pro Ironman New Zealand 2018

What also contributes to Nathan’s success, is the changes he has made to his nutrition and metabolic efficiency along the way, while adopting an LCHF lifestyle.

I have no doubt you’re going to learn a lot from this one!

We discuss:

  • Nathan’s journey as a successful age group Triathlete
  • What he learnt from his 1st & 2nd age group IM that paved the way to his first Kona experience.
  • Learning from race mistakes
  • Utilising and document data for purpose of race planning
  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and testing protocols
  • Aerobic Decoupling & identifying limiters
  • Intensity Factor (IF) for race planning / training
  • Training Stress Score (TSS) and how it builds your Chronic Training Load (CTL)
  • Acute Training Load (ATL) and Training Stress Balance (TSB)
  • Nathan’s shift to whole foods and Lower Carbohydrate Higher Fat (LCHF) lifestyle
  • Metabolic Efficiency impact on performance and nutrition planning

Show note links:

Nathan Shearer Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nathanshearer/

Training Peaks Analysis Kona 2016: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/kona-power-analysis-male-25-29-age-group-winner/

Coaching Profile: https://www.tzeromultisport.com/nathan-shearer.html

Nathan’s CTL or “Fitness” Since 2016

Kona 2016 Bike Data Profile

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