Elly Mclean

Thriving as a Vegan or Vegetarian Athlete

Thriving as a Vegan or Vegetarian Athlete

Elly Mclean

Episode #08

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Elly Mclean is a Holistic Nutritionist & Real Food lover who works with the team at The Natural Nutritionist.

Elly is a Marathon runner, wannabe yogi and yes, her favourite food is kale. Elly believes that food is fuel, but above all else, should be enjoyed.

She has followed a vegan protocol on and off for some time, but more recently has found it not conducive to thriving while competing in marathons. In search of understanding why, Elly pursued comprehensive gut health testing which revealed parasites and bacterial imbalances were the underlying cause.  Her own experience has not diminished her passion for assisting vegan athletes in refining their nutrition needs in order to thrive – an example of precisely why good nutrition is relative to the individual.

Today’s conversation gets into the nitty gritty of what it takes to thrive as a vegan or vegetarian athlete. It’s conversation very much relevant to all athletes, whether they eat animal protein or not – as we dive into nutrient density, nutrient timing and gut health, too.

Our hope is that vegan and vegetarian athletes listen up to learn about the parameters they can address and measure in order to perform and feel vital. And that athletes eating animal proteins gain a greater understanding of the importance of ‘eating yo-greens‘ and maintaining a healthy gut balance.

We discuss:

  • Why is Elly so passionate about Vegan and Vegetarian athletes?
  • Nutrient density
  • Vitamins and minerals that are a priority on a vegan protocol
  • Nutrient timing & fat adaptation
  • Gut health, digestion & testing
  • Pathology testing specific to vegan or vegetarian athletes
  • Hurdles and complications often seen in clinic; mood, cognition and  inflammation
  • Vegan Bulletproof Coffee!

Show note links:

  • https://thenaturalnutritionist.com.au/can-vegans-become-fat-adapted/
  • https://thenaturalnutritionist.com.au/how-to-be-the-healthiest-vegan/
  • https://thenaturalnutritionist.com.au/new-recipe-dairy-free-mct-coffee/

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Coach Katee

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Katee is a self confessed hormone nerd, endurance coach, wellness advocate and Triathlete - here too educate, inspire and distil wisdom in an effort to shift up endurance norms.
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