Kirsty Taylor

Accidental Under Eating In Athletes

Accidental Under Eating In Athletes

Kirsty Taylor

Episode #10

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Despite our best efforts, accidental under eating is quite common in athletes. I have brought in our resident health and nutrition coach with Holistic Endurance. Kirsty Taylor is qualified health and nutrition coach, and currently in her 2nd study year of nutritional and dietetic medicine. Kirsty is immensely passionate about gut health, & hormone balance for the integration of optimal performance and wellness in athletes.

Today’s conversation covers all things nutrient timing, daily caloric intake, metabolic efficiency testing, how to identify under eating and prevent it.

We look forward to hearing what your favourite tid bit of knowledge that you take away from today’s episode.

We discuss:

  • Signs and symptoms of under eating
  • Macronutrient needs
  • Nutrient timing
  • Recovery needs
  • Metabolic Efficiency Testing
  • Case Study

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Coach Katee

Coach Katee

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