Adam Pedicini

Exploring A Sense Of Adventure

Exploring A Sense Of Adventure

Adam Pedicini

Episode #11

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You are in for a treat! Today I chat with Peter Pan.

Well, not exactly. I chat with my big brother, Adam Pedicini, the closest you will ever come to meeting Peter Pan.

Adam lives in LA, running his business Lifestyle By Adam Pedicini, fondly known as L.A.P. He has never stood still, exploring the many facets of his talents which has lead him to pursue careers in outdoor education, modelling, dancing, acting and personal training.

This was certainly a different tact to the rest of the interviews on the podcast to date. We knew we wanted to share our love of adventure and how it has shaped both of our lives, and how it has helped us both in the pursuit of athletic goals and exploring human potential.

Adam shares insightful experiences of how his childhood shaped his natural desire to explore and how the challenges that present themselves through adventure have shaped his life for the better.

I hope this podcast inspires you to step outside your comfort zone in the pursuit of expressing your human and athletic potential. Or to simply find the joy in your everyday.

We discuss:

  • Adam’s up bringing and how it cultivated a sense of adventure
  • How to overcome fear and adversity with a sense of adventure
  • Engaging in education in a way that works for YOU
  • Self sabotage and diminishing one’s goals for fear of community expectations
  • Finding JOY in simplicity
  • Find the opportunity for beauty in nature
  • Running in the dark
  • Our Mum’s influence & Adam’s adventure with her to Africa.
  • Raising resilient kids and how adventure is shaping Adam’s parenthood role

Show note links:

Adam’s website: www.lap.life.com

Adam on Instagram: @lap.life

Our Mum’s story of Adventure: https://virtusperformance.podbean.com/e/33-pat-pedicini-a-life-of-adventure/

Coach Katee

Coach Katee

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