Katee Pedicini

Why I hurried slowly this year

Why I hurried slowly this year

Katee Pedicini

It’s time to share an important story and message with you. This is a story about reaching the depths of your soul, questioning who you are, your values, what you stand for and WHY you do what you do and THEN rising strong

A story that I feel needs to be told and that I want to tell…

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Why is it important to tell?
Largely because I feel passionate about being true to ones values. I believe in honesty and transparency. While this story relates to events of 2017, I’ve needed this time to gain clarity, to write from the right place in my heart. Further to that, I have now met many people who have or are going through similar challenges. Having a shared experience, and therefor shared lessons, is an opportunity for connection and collaboration not to be missed. I want others to know, It’s okay to hurry slowly. It’s okay to redefine your path, your goals, your values. It’s okay to do less.

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been quiet on the blog and social media, even on the local race scene. It’s been intentional and meaningful. As an important Holistic Endurance community member I feel it’s important for you to know why this period of time has been crucial and what you can expect moving forward.

I had a business partnership and friendship that was extremely solid, until it wasn’t. Last year I was challenged in ways I could never have foreseen, prevented or planned for – both practically speaking and emotionally. I went to depths never reached previously and I was shaken to my core – leaving me with questions about my values, beliefs, my friendships, my business, my success, my role in industry and the meaning, or placement, of trust. It was insanely pivotal and necessary (as I now see it).

This was how I learnt one of my most pivotal lessons of 2018;

Two opposing and/or contradictory ideas can both be true, at the same time.

I could stay true to my values and act with integrity, but be left with an outcome that was so far from my end goal and out of my control. I couldn’t fight either end and play tug of war, I needed to hold both these elements and accept them.

This principle or lesson can be applied to your training and racing too. You may cross every T and dot every I in your training prep, but that does not mean you will achieve your ideal goal – often a hard pill to swallow right?

A year ago I would have confidently and wholeheartedly been able to describe myself as a Triathlete, Business owner, Coach and hormone nerd who is tenacious, passionate, determined, inspired and strong.

As I stand here today, many of my character traits, values, goals, dreams, desires and passions have shifted and been challenged over the past 18 months. During many moments of the past 18 months I have felt like a shell of my former self. I began to lose trust in those closest to me, I felt exposed, hurt and quite unsettled in the Triathlon community.

It’s been 5 fabulous years building Holistic Endurance (HE). At no point was HE ordinary or traditional. We never offered standard coaching or programs. We didn’t offer standard information on how to be a Triathlete. In the early days as solo-prenuer I was pushing boundaries in regards to raising topics of fat adaptation, programming based on bio-individuality and training with hormones in mind

When I began HE the mission was;

“To train and support our athletes, and ourselves, using holistic principles for optimal performance outcomes while maintaining a balanced, nourished and happy life. Delivering high quality personalised programs and service incorporating traditional styles, modern research and innovative approaches formed from forward-thinking.”

At times this was met with great resistance or even back lash. But it was also met with absolute joy and relief by those who resonated with these topics and found great relief from the strategies we have promoted.

Triathlon can be a life changing sport. Even more so when it comes to endeavours such as Ironman. I’m proud to say that through HE principles we have done a lot of life changing.

From better relationships. To better health. To increasing long term health prospects. To enhanced mental health. To even helping those on the mental brink.

I’m proud to say that I hear the words “you’ve changed my life” frequently. This only skims on what it means to leave a legacy for me. Amongst the life changing moments there have also been incredible performance achievements – which to be honest, we have celebrated in-house and not felt the need to shout from the roof tops. Here is a highlight reel

It’s these values and life changing results that have driven so many of our business goals over the years. From the beginning we had a very clear direction and goals set out for the years to come. And so with the unexpected and hurtful events of 2017, I have to admit that I lost my way for a while. I had mapped out the next 5 years with one of my best friends by my side to tackle this mission and create change. So while it’s been hard to dust off the dirt, stand back up, rise a little and find my own way, I know that these challenges are temporary. When you get bogged down in the nitty gritty you lose the opportunity for out of the box thinking and growth. I’m whole heartedly grateful for the growth that was thrust upon me over this period.

For these challenges to be temporary, and for me to rise even stronger, there needed to be a shift in how and what Holistic Endurance operated. So at the start of this year I changed my direction and speed of travel.

I stepped away from my full time coaching duties early this year. I have continued to coach a small number of athletes while I mend my spirit, find my voice, redefine who I am, what Holistic Endurance stands for and what my goals are for industry change. This year there has been no goals for growth. There was no pushing boundaries. It’s been the year for ripping down the tower, laying down new foundations and growing something new, inspirational and pivot worthy.

I want to thank you for your patience. I want to thank you for your support. I want to thank you for your ongoing loyalty. I want to thank you for your ongoing wonderful feedback and words of praise. 

What can you expect from here?

Understandably, the social media hiatus and establishment of a new brand from my previous business partner meant that many assumed HE was no longer operating or continuing. While I have stepped back from coaching full time, Holistic Endurance, our athletes and community have still been doing their thing, and doing it well. Racing strong, finding wellness and enhancing their lives. I am so proud of our athletes achievements in 2018 and I look forward to sharing their stores on the podcast in 2019. HE is still here thriving and will continue to change the course of athlete lives while guiding them to being fit AND healthy.
In 2019 you can expect to see some announcements regarding a change in the way we do things at Holistic Endurance. (Don’t worry, our essence and mission remains the same). In the meantime, I will continue to re-build and rise up, spiritually and practically.

In Happy Hormones,

Coach Katee

Coach Katee

Coach Katee

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