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Are You Ready For Ironman?

The element I love about the sport of Triathlon, in particular Ironman events, is that any shape, size, gender or ability can have a go on an equal playing field. Spectating or watching an Ironman is all it takes to catch the bug, planting a seed of when and where you next or first Ironman […]

Road to Cairns | Alex Anasson

This is your first IRONMAN! How have you been feeling leading in? I keep going through waves of emotion. From being super excited for race day to super terrified. I feel ready in terms of preparation but at times get scared of the unknown or things I can’t control. Then other times when I think about the way I will feel during the […]

Slow Down vs Calm Down

This is the number one area that I see 90% of athletes getting wrong. A simple, effective tool and mindset shift that can change an athletes life and performance. Endurance athletes are wired to go go go and go and go. It may be ingrained in their personality and habits or maybe involvement in endurance […]

Journey to Geelong : The Ambassador Series : Run Technique

Running Technique Assessment The plan following up from my initial Functional Movement Assessment (FMA) (read about that here) with Coach Katee was to have a Running Technique Assessment before moving forwards with run load/volume. After 4 weeks of focusing on my given mobility and stretching exercises including breath control, I noticed a huge improvement in […]