The Inside Scoop – Holistic Endurance Training Camps

If you’ve been watching from afar and you’re wanting to know what a Holistic Endurance Training Camp is really like, what better way for us to show you, then to interview someone who has been to every training camp that we have held, including the Winter Wellness Camp (Rye), Gold Coast Female Retreat,  Holistic Training Camp (Shoreham) and most recently the Long Course Specific (Shoreham).

Jaimie Lee Brown started as a Holistic Endurance athlete over 3 years ago and has been a camp participant to all four training camps and will be attending our next Pre Season Training Camp in August Team Leader. Jaime-Lee is also qualified personal trainer with a passion for strength training for endurance athletes. Read on to find out the inside scoop.

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  • Can you tell us about your history of training with Holistic Endurance [HE] – including how/when you found out about HE?

I’ve been coached by Sarah for nearly 3 years now. I was actually with Sarah prior to her teaming with up Katee and Holistic Endurance. I had been following Sarah and her journey on Instagram and jumped on the chance when she had new coaching spots opening up. All the while I was following HE on Instagram. The posts/blogs that I was reading were really hitting home for me. I could really relate to them. Fatigue, weight gain, injury, loss of motivation ect, so when Sarah told me she was teaming up with Katee and Holistic Endurance, I knew I truly was in the best hands.

  •  You’ve attended every Holistic Endurance training camp, what made you sign up to the first one and what is it that draws you back to each training camp?

Yep! Sarah had mentioned to me that they were running their first training camp, I was super interested and super nervous but I knew I had to sign up. The first camp really reignited my motivation to continue with triathlon. The people I met, the seminars that were presented really helped me get everything back on track. The thing that keeps drawing me back to each camp is the feelings I have when I leave. I’ve always felt satisfied that I’ve pushed myself with my training. That I’ve met some incredible people who share the same interest as me and I now call my friends. That I’ve learnt something to help make my training easier weather that be related to recovery, nutrition or hormones, its all been so useful to me. Most of all I leave feeling inspired and focused on my goals.

  • Were you nervous about attending your first training camp?

HELL YEAH! I had never been on a triathlon training camp before. I had no idea what to expect. I had the most nerves prior to the first camp than I have on any other camp. I didn’t no a single person and knew I wasn’t feeling the best within my training/fitness leading into the camp. I was completely nervous about how I was going to perform or if I’d make it through the weekend without crashing. What if I got a flat tyre? Or if I got lost! However I was reassured that there was plenty of ‘down’ time to enable those of all abilities to get through the weekend. Having being coached by Sarah really helped as it enabled her to put me in groups where she new I’d be pushed but not to the point of exhaustion. The nerves were basically gone once I started to meet everyone. The coaches and athletes were so nice and encouraging that all those crazy thoughts disappeared. Funnily enough we were all nervous about the same thing!


  • Given that you have been to all the Holistic Endurance Training Camps have you learnt something new from each training camp?

This is exactly what I love about the camps. I’ve taken away something from each which have been valuable in my journey. Not only from the coaches, but from the people who attend, they all bring different experiences and backgrounds to learn from which is pretty cool!

  • Is there a particular training camp that you have enjoyed or got the most value/knowledge from?

Each camp I walk away saying ‘that was my favourite camp of all’ I feel like the HE Team just keep getting better and better. (Go girls)

However if I was to choose a camp where I feel I got the most from, I would have to say the last camp held in March, specifically for long course. I left with my heart feeling full, it created a fire in my belly to undertake my first Ironman this year. I constantly refer back to the things I learnt from this camp in my current training. Also the fact that I met some incredible athletes who are undertaking the same races as me, it really built a community of support throughout our journey’s this year. 

  • What would you say to some who was nervous of their skills/abilities to ‘keep up’ with others at the training camp?

Being nervous is completely normal!

My advice would be to communicate any concerns/apprehensions to the coaches prior to the camp, that way everyone
will be best prepared. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, these training camps are an excellent way to work on your weaknesses as you will be surrounded by people want to see you succeed. You’ll pick up so many tips and tricks not only from the coaches, but from the people you riding/running with. Keep in check with YOU! It’s your training camp, therefore listening to your body is crucial, stay within your abilities

  • What are the top 1-3 learnings you have taken away from the camps?
  1. Natural nutrition/fuelling; this has been an game changer for me. Since the first camp I have changed my pre/post and general nutrition in many ways and the benefits have been amazing!
  2. Understanding hormones;  again a game changer for me. Understanding why I was feeling certain ways and how to manage my training/hormones.
  3. You are not alone; the coaches will support you 100% of the way!

  • How have you found the other camp participants? Have you made any lasting friendships?

This is another of the reasons why I love attending the camps, because I get to spend the weekend with other people who share the same interests as me. We get to chat about experiences, bikes, running, races, goals and all things triathlon. I’ve learnt so much from these conversations. The best thing is, the friendships that have formed by the end of the camp. I still keep in contact with many of the people I’ve met from these camps. We still catch up for training sessions!

  • How would you describe the coaches?


These women know their stuff! They are educated, organised, committed and inspiring all at the same time. They are approachable and willing to share their experiences. They have changed my life in many ways and I cannot wait for you to get to experience this camp and learn from the best!


Thanks Jaime-Lee! Look forward to seeing you lead another group of athletes with us in August.


To  join us for our Pre Season Training Camp 4-6th August along the iconic Great Ocean Road click HERE to get more information or take the plunge and register today!

~ There are now only 9 places left, and price rise is in effect as of Thursday 15th June!



Far more than a training camp

Training Camp Reflection….

Wow. What an amazing weekend. We love what we do. And weekends like this go towards solidifying our mission and our vision for developing and empowering athletes in endurance and triathlon sports. What we set out to achieve when we run our training camps is not just to train athletes (that’s the easy part), but to coach, teach, educate, motivate, encourage, support and inspire. To allow each individual to learn more about training, their body and their health and how to maintain a balance to help them become the best triathlete, partner, friend, father/mother that they can be.

What we set out to achieve at our training camps is something that we don’t believe anyone else is doing. Anyone can train hard for a weekend, completing back to back sessions or multiple sessions a day, we don’t believe that should be the sole purpose of a training camp, which is why we do it differently.

Our aim at each of our camps it to educate. That doesn’t mean the athletes don’t work hard, as they do. They were pushed outside of their comfort zones. They were challenged. But they were balanced. They were educated. And each of them not only takes away with them the training load, but the knowledge on how to fuel their bodies correctly to become metabolically efficient, how to minimise the chance of burn out through recovery techniques, fueling and polarised training. They learnt the importance of hormones and the impact they have on training and racing. And most importantly they learnt techniques on how to balance. How to be patient, to be grateful and accepting. How to implement mindfulness, and reconnecting with their our inner peace.

So we pack the weekend full of measured and specific training, technique advice and cues, education through seminars, guidance and coaching so each of the athletes can take away with them more tools, more information and more knowledge, so they can continue to grow as an athlete and as a person.

Day 1:
Started indoors thanks to a cold snap in Melbourne. We made most of our time though as it provided the perfect chance to hone in on ride skills & technique on windtrainers and rollers, followed by a mobility and stability session focusing on correct movement, activation and connection of the body to teach athletes how to maximise each of their training sessions.
Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist provided practical learning of pre, during and post training nutrition to maximise each session and recovery. And the day finished with a mindfulness session to prepare for a restful sleep ready to take on day 2.

Day 2:
Started with our biggest session for the weekend, a long aerobic strength endurance ride taking in the rolling hills and the famous ‘Arthurs Seat Climb’. Before we commenced the camp, we asked each of the ladies what their biggest apprehensions were – ‘not being fast enough’, ‘not knowing anyone’, ‘not having the right gear’. These apprehensions were thrown out the window as the each took hold of their own fears and conquered them head one, throwing themselves in the deep end, putting their trust in us and believing in themselves. And what an impact this had!

A long ride calls for a delicious lunch thanks to Good Thyme Gourmet which followed with lots of educational learning including how to become a metabolically efficient athlete, and how to use heart rate training and the relationship to hormones, health and training principles. Lots of questions shows us there is lots to learn! Something we are passionate about and will continue on our mission.
The afternoon started with re-enforcing our mobility and stability work, a fun game of ‘naughts and crosses’ and a beautiful aerobic run along the coastline implementing the training principles learnt earlier that day.

To balance the training, our women were treated to a restorative yoga session thanks to Silver Leaf Yoga School, a delicious, nutrition dinner again thanks to Good Thyme Gourmet and winding down with a mindfulness session. A fabulous second day and ready for day 3!


Day 3:
Our final day on camp started at sunrise with a recovery roll along the beautiful rolling hills around Redhill and Balnarring. This part of the Mornington Peninsula is simply stunning and winter is no different. The air was crisp, but sunshine poured through the trees, making for an amazing final ride with smiles all round.

We had a little surprise up our sleeve as we then took the athletes to a beautiful trail run and a secret secluded spot which saw them climb to the top of an amazing outlook at Bushrangers Bay. This was symbolic as each of these women felt on top of the world reflecting on their achievements over the weekend and the impact the training and learning has had on them in such a short time. Those apprehensions and fears they came into the camp with were long gone, now filled with empowering, determination, drive and the will to become healthier, stronger more balanced athletes.

Back down to the ground and we snuck in a quick coffee stop in the beautiful coastal town of Flinders, followed by a restorative yoga session back ‘home’ with Mel from MBS Yoga and finishing with another delicious lunch thanks to our in house chefs from Good Thyme Gourmet and a final debrief to reflect on the amazing weekend.

It goes without saying that we are proud as Coaches. We thoroughly enjoyed bringing the weekend camp to these women and reflecting on their progress and accomplishments.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of others around us and we are incredibly blessed to have the company of Steph Lowe (The Natural Nutritionist), Stef Hanson (Witsup), Jen and Mel to support us for the weekend, so we thank each of these women tremendously in helping us share our message.

We thank each of the women for participating openly, being willing to listen, learn and apply; for supporting each other physically and emotionally, and for being inspiring in their own individual way. Our camps are always made that much more special through those who attend, and this camp was no different. So be proud of your achievements, be empowered by your new found knowledge and strength, and continue to help us share the message of Holistic Training and Living.”
Coaches Sarah & Katee

Female Triathlon Training Camp

Check out some of the action through photos here.

Holistic Endurance Training camps offer far more than the training.
Experience for yourself. Our next camp to be released soon.

Stay tuned for the details of our next camp to be held in Spring / Summer of 2016.
Please note our tentative dates for September 2nd-4th have been postponed.