Katee Pedicini:

Performance Coach (Tri Australia)

Endurance Performance & Wellness Coach
Tid Bits
  • Self confessed hormone and data nerd
  • Mexican cuisine is the way to my heart
  • Cashew butter & I are besties
  • I’m a Tomboy at heart, painting my nails does not come naturally
  • Followed my bliss over 13 years of Triathlon racing
  • Ocean swimming is where my heart is
  • Life motto: All you need is LOVE… and a dog
  • If you wanna shout me coffee, make it a coconut milk latte
Katee’s Focus & Specialties
  • Programming for hormonal adaptations, to achieve performance, health and longevity
  • Science based approach, with a sprinkle of fun and relaxation
  • Long course programming for beginner to high performance athletes
  • Olympic distance programming for beginner to intermediate athletes
  • Functional movement for endurance performance
Katee’s Qualifications
  • Bachelor Exercise Science (Major Sports Psychology)
  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Coach
  • Life Coach Cert IV: Health & Business Major
  • Functional Movement Assessment & Strength Coach – Level 1 & 2
  • Training Peaks Certified
  • Metabolic Precision Nutrition Coach – Level 1 & 2
Katee’s Coaching Style
Coach Katee would be great for you if…
  • You value the understanding of data and scientific approach to training and racing
  • You respond well to tough love and a “straight up” approach
  • You are looking for an invested and thoughtful approach to athlete / coach communication
  • You have hormone or adrenal imbalances that need respect while considering your training program
Speaking & Presenting

Coach Katee is also available to present on a variety of topics relevant to endurance training, burnout, hormone balance and women’s health.

Full details can be found here.


Over the past 5 years Coach Katee has written articles for other performance and wellness based organisations, in an effort to shift up endurance norms. She has also been on the airways across many podcast platforms, in addition to the recent launch of her own podcast – Healing Grumpy Athletes.

To experience Katee’s knowledge and wisdom, check out her feature articles, blogs and podcasts here.

Please note: Coach Katee is currently full, and not taking on new athletes.
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