Holistic Endurance Foundations

“As a result of our own experiences we have met too many endurance athletes experiencing adrenal dysfunction and hormonal imbalance coupled with poor performance.” Coach Katee – HE Founder

Holistic Endurance Foundations

The Why

As a result of my own experience I have met too many endurance athletes and triathletes experiencing adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance coupled with poor performance. I simply cannot sit back any longer and not share my passion of Triathlon coaching, hormonal health, nutritional wellness and rehabilitation.

I see myself Swimming, Biking and Running as a lifestyle, I plan to be shuffling along when I’m wrinkled and have grandchildren on the side lines. For this dream and vision to come true I have had to change the way I train, eat, recover and relax to ensure longevity in my favourite crazy persons sport. I also want to ensure my hormonal health is in check and I give myself the best opportunity to have a family of my own.

I want this for you too. To peruse your love of triathlon, managing fatigue, stress and hormones to result in optimum performance. Coach Katee – HE Founder

Holistic Foundations Performance Coaching

Our aim at Holistic Endurance is to support our athletes for optimal performance outcomes using our holistic principles. To do this we pride ourselves in delivering high quality individualised programs incorporating traditional styles, modern research and innovative approaches, taking the time to map out a season or annual training plan for you. Our plans incorporate distinct phases that your training program will follow throughout the entire season from technique through to strength and endurance, speed, competition and recovery.

 This will help develop you into a strong, robost athlete and ensuring you ‘peak’ just at the right time for your goals/races/events.

Holistic Endurance Foundations Holistic Lifestyle

At Holistic Endurance this is a key pillar to performance and hormonal balance while training for endurance events. Ironically it is the first element neglected by most athletes. When planning your program your life commitments are considered resulting in sessions and volume being manipulated to give you the opportunity for optimal sleep, particularly during recovery week. Yoga & Meditation is a key part of the program at Holistic Endurance – You might hate it, be resistant to it, it’s likely you need it the most. What goes on in your mind, goes on in your body.

Holistic Endurance Foundations Recovery Protocols

Part of taking on endurance events is to respect the distance, to do this recovery is a must in your training. As a core foundation we program for recovery. Recovery activities we at Holistic Endurance love include stretching, foam rolling, mobilising, massages, soaking your legs, yoga, post training nutrition and most importantly sleep. It takes diligence, and honestly if you’re not willing to work on it, then you’re in the wrong sport.

Holistic Endurance Foundations Natural Nutrition

If you train the house down and then fuel your body with processed sugars or packaged foods, eventually it’s going to break down and unfortunately a simple trip to the ‘mechanics’ is not the solution.

To fuel effectively for training and racing holistically we cover post training nutrition and timing, day to day nutrition, natural training fuel strategies and the nutrient density of your food. To support this we also address gut health and immunity, the healthier you are the better quality training you can do and how to reduce inflammation in the body through food choices, aiding in recovery.

Holistic Endurance Foundations Functional Movement

Strength training is a key fundamental in our Holistic Endurance foundations. It enables efficient periodization of strength training through to power training while keeping weekly volume at an achievable level. Our exercises are based on functional movement training specific to Triathlon/Endurance sport.

Mobility and stability exercises are the key to keeping your body in one piece, rehabbing any injuries or niggles and preventing them also. Mobility and stability exercises are a key foundation to a well rounded athlete here at Holistic Endurance.

Let’s face it, the training load required for Triathlon and Endurance events is not a normal process the body is designed to deal with long term. This is why we believe it is essential your program is designed with specific cycles in conjunction with your hormones and training phases, yes guys this applies to you too. Cycling your program with key phases will ensure longevity in the sport and help prevent burnout. Holistic Endurance training programs are crafted individually for our athletes in 4 week blocks according to hormonal levels and/or training phases. This process helps ensure that we respond to the natural fluctuations in hormone levels or training loads and utilize this to our training advantage. And subsequently respecting our bodies when recovery is required.