• Pathology Testing

As coaches at Holistic Endurance our mission is for you to achieve athletic performance in conjunction with wellness, allowing you to achieve your potential while living a happy, healthy life.

The crucial element of ensuring we can assist you in achieving wellness is the communication of symptoms and lifestyle habits. It is part of our expertise and our role as your coaches to help pick up on when these lifestyle habits and symptoms that could start to impact your performance or life. But if we don’t know about them, or we find out too late, the ball drops. Similar to when you have an injury niggle or pain, the sooner we can identify the cause the more likely we are to avoid long term periods out of the sport. 

Over our time as athletes, and as coaching professionals we have been able to identify key markers that are important for us to measure when considering your wellness and performance. This is where pathology testing can help paint a picture for us with more accuracy. It helps us to make decisions regarding your plan ahead, with the ability to advise you accordingly. 

Holistic Endurance will now be able to provide you with pathology tests that inform us and you about your wellness. We still encourage you to have the support of a team utilising an integrative doctor, and other practitioners. The testing and analysis we will provide will be based on our scope and relevance to your wellness, not illness. 

Consider Testing If You;

    • think you have a compromised immune system 
    • if you get sick more than twice per year
    • your recovery is poor, despite nutritional and recovery protocols
    • you have been experiencing feelings of burn out or over training 
    • you’re sceptical to burn out or over training 
    • you suspect a level of hormone imbalance due to changes in libido
    • Females: and/or changes in menstrual cycle symptoms for females

Testing available through Holistic Endurance;

We utilise a company called Nutri-path, you can find their locations in associated states around Australia here.  

When you conduct testing through HE we will provide you with specific instructions and how the process works for individual markers. 

The following tests are what we recommend and regularly test in our athletes;

    • Zinc Plasma 
    • Cortisol and DHEA (Salivary) 
    • Vitamin D
    • Inflammation profile
    • B-Vitamin Profile
    • Essential fatty acids 
    • Liver function 
    • Iron Studies

Once results have been sent back from Nutripath, your coach or wellness consultant will discuss these results with you in a consultation. Any nutritional, lifestyle, training or supplement based recommendations will be made during this follow up consultation.  

Testing Costs;

Costs associated with testing through Nutripath and billed directly through Nutripath. Holistic Endurance does not make commission or revenue from these tests. 

At the time of testing your coach can advise of the cost associated with requested tests.

In some cases, if you have an open minded general practitioner with a keen interest in athlete wellness, some of these tests can be conducted by your GP through medicare (Such as Iron, zinc and vitamin d).

However, they will have limitations. In any case, please copy your Coach into any pathology tests that you complete, so we can assist with your athletic pursuits, holistically.

Get Started With Testing

The first step is to book an Initial Wellness Consultation (book below) with one of our coaches, we will review your current symptoms, past pathology and your goals prior to setting you up with pathology testing specific to your needs.

Alternatively, if you are unsure or want to clarify your queries, you’re welcome to book in a complimentary consultation below [Go to “enquiry”]