The Rejuvenation Protocol

– Helping you to explore the upper limits of your athletic potential

The Rejuvenation Protocol

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Sick of smashing yourself and getting no where?

Well, it’s time to SCREW THE NORMS of endurance training and smash fest mentality. The Rejuvenation Protocol. Your answer to “grumpy athlete syndrome”, heavy legs and crappy immunity and  poor recovery.

The Why

As a result of my own experience I have met too many endurance athletes and triathletes experiencing adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance coupled with poor performance. I simply cannot sit back any longer and not share my passion of Triathlon coaching, hormonal health, nutritional wellness and rehabilitation.

I see myself Swimming, Biking and Running as a lifestyle, I plan to be shuffling along when I’m wrinkled and have grandchildren on the side lines. For this dream and vision to come true I have had to change the way I train, eat, recover and relax to ensure longevity in my favourite crazy persons sport. I also want to ensure my hormonal health is in check and I give myself the best opportunity to have a family of my own.

I want this for you too. To peruse your love of triathlon, managing fatigue, stress and hormones to result in optimum performance.

Who is it for?

Whether you’ve achieved great sporting accomplishments or you are just starting out in endurance training The Rejuvenation Protocol will help you design a tailored recovery program to match your lifestyle and training load ensuring you are able to;

  • Keep your hormones in check (Males and females)
  • Improve recovery and therefor performance
  • Reduce general inflammation
  • Manage psychological & mental stressors
  • Achieve ultimate balance with your endurance or sporting goals
Whats included?

The nitty gritty

  • An explanation of the philosophies, science and foundations that have formulated the Rejuvenation Protocol

Rejuvenation Protocol Points System

  • An explanation of what it is & how to use it
  • The science behind the protocol
  • 18 rejuvenation strategies and the corresponding points system
  • Resources

Rejuvenation Protocol Planner

  • A guide and PDF template of how to incorporate the Rejuvenation Protocol into your daily training environment

Rejuvenation Tracker

  • Your own PDF tracker and calendar to notarise your rejuvenation points and how they relate to your training load or other metrics.
  • A video guide on how to track your rejuvenation and recovery in Training Peaks, making your data even more meaningful